The Elutra system passes fluid through the cell layer that is established within a centrifugal field inside the separation chamber to separate cells based on size and density. By varying the flow of fluid in the opposite direction of the centrifugal force, particles are aligned and collected according to size (smallest to largest) and density (lower to higher). Using both size and density as separation factors increases the resolution of cell separations achieved compared to traditional centrifugation.

CAPABILITY – Delivers cell enrichment and depletion, all in a functionally closed system.

PURITY – Designed to provide high purity and recovery of cell populations without gradient solutions or expensive magnetic beads.

CONVENIENCE – Functionally closed, ready-to-use, disposable tubing set minimizes setup time and reduces the risk of contamination.

CONTROL – Unique conical separation chamber allows consistent processing of cellular starting material in a single run.

VERSATILITY – Perform up to nine multi-step separation profles with a high degree of flexibility.