•          97 seconds per sample


  •          Fully automated operation saves time and labor
  •          Eliminate time-consuming sample prep with primary cap-piercing tube sampling
  •          Flexibility in workflow through either continuous or batch sampling
  •           Minimize hands-on time with cartridge lifetimes of 2,500 tests
  •          Maintain consistent, precise HbA1c results with a single calibration per cartridge
  •          Hemoglobin Capillary Collection System allows remote finger-stick sample collection to support outreach programs to reach more patients
  •          Easy-to-use tools for QC, instrument support, and education


  •          No interference in the presence of:

-          Hemoglobin S, C, D, or E traits*

-           Hemoglobin F (HbF) concentrations up to 25%*

-          Carbamylated (CHb) and Labile A1c (LA1c)*

-          Acelylated hemoglobins*

  •           Anchored to the IFCC reference method
  •       NGSP certified and traceable to Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT)