Pre-analytical Modules

Input/Output Module (IOM)

Rack Input Module (RIM)

Bulk Input Module (BIM)

Tube Inspection Module (TIM)

Centrifugation Module (CM)

Decapping Module (DM)

Sample-Volume Detection Module (SVD)

Sample Mixer Module

Wide-Belt Buffer Module

Diagnostic Testing Instruments

Immunoassay Systems

Chemistry Systems

Integrated Systems

Hematology System

Hemostasis System

Plasma Protein Systems

Open Connectivity Options

Abbott, Beckman Coulter, Bio-Rad, Stago, Diasorin, IL, Roche, Sysmex, Tosoh, etc

Post-analytical Modules

Input/Output Module (IOM)

Aliquotter Module (AM)

Tube Sealer Module (TSM)

Storage Retrieval and Disposal Module (SRM)

Desealer Module (DSM)

Aliquot Capper Module (ACM)

Rack Output Module (ROM)

High-capacity Waste Module§

Flexible Track Design

L-Turn, T-Intersection, and U-Turn Modules

Automation Module Divert Lane