Application: gene expression analysis, pathogen identification, pathogen typing, food safety testing, genotyping, methylation analysis, residual DNA detection.

  • An integrated run consists of a sample preparation run on the QIAsymphony SP and then an assay setup run on the QIAsymphony AS. Eluates are automatically transferred from the QIAsymphony SP to the QIAsymphony AS via the transfer module
  • The QIAsymphony SP and QIAsymphony AS can be operated independently of each other. It is possible to perform 2 independent runs (one on the QIAsymphony SP and one on the QIAsymphony AS) at the same time, where neither run influences the other.
  • Automate proven QIAGEN PCR kits with the QIAsymphony AS: method: Real-time PCR, RT-PCR, Real-time RT-PCR, HRM, PCR, Probe-based Real-time PCR
  • LIMS compatibility
  • Pipetting of master mix and sample transfer for 96 samples takes less than 25 minutes
  • Robotic arm: 4-channel with tip guards
  • UV lamp: Decontaminates the worktable and minimizes sample cross-contamination