• Heavy duty linear bearing for smooth and stable agitatior Compact size in design to ensure space optirnizalion Minimal need for maintenance 
  • Water proof & pressure activated control panel Flat surface helps ease of cleaning Digitally controlled auto error detection system


 Base Material  Electropolished stainless steel rods and trays
 Control Panel   Paint Coated Galvanised Steel
 Random  288
 Apheresis  96 
Trays 24 
Agitation Frequency 70+1-5% Strokes/Min
Alarm Functions Start-Run, Power Failure, Turn-On Reminder, Motion
Noise Level (1m radius)   <70db
Electrical, Options  (i) 100V / 60Hz, (ii) 220 / 60Hz, (iii) 200-240V / 50Hz
Power Ratings   25W
Tray Loading Area (W x D) 

805 x 365 mm

31.69 x 14.37"

Unit Dimension (W x D x H)

870 x 370 x (380, 635, 845mm)

34.25 x 14 57 x (14.96, 25.00, 33.27")

Net Weight (Kg) +/-5%   86
 Incubator Compatibility