• Forced air refrigeration system ensures rapid cool rate & temperature uniformity Swivel caster wheel ease mobility Level stands provide added stability. Maximum space with flexi-configuration to accommodate full series of agitators. 
  • Centralized control system, precise temperature control & recording 
  • Integrated and comprehensive alarm system, audio and Visual High/Low alarm 
  • Ergonomic retractable base tray, ease cleaning and maintenance needs 
  • Acrylic see through panel with key lock, full SUS interior, paint coated exterior 


  Door Double-Panel 
  Door Material Metal framed, arcylic see thru window  
 Base Material 

SUS internal finishing

Coated Galvannealed Steel on external frame

 Internal Area (W x D x H)) 

 925 x 415 x 895 mm

36.42 x 16.34 x 35.24"

 Unit Dimension (W x D x H)

 970 x 550 x 1300 mm

38.19 x 21.65 x 51.28"

 Agitator Compatibility

Model x Units (max)

PLA-24 x 2 or,

PLA-48 x 2 or,

PLA-96 x 2 or,

PLA-192 x 1 or,

PLA-288 x 1 

 Temperature Operating/ Settings Accuracy  20.24°C / 22.0°C +1 1.0°C
 Alarm Temperature Excursion 
 Temperature Recorder  Model KT6 9V Battery  
 Sensor Bead-wire probe, type K-Thermocouple 
Chart Size 6" DIA (15.2cm) 
 Accuracy W-0.5% Full Scale, +/-1°C for recorder only  
Recording Time 24 hrs, 7 day 
Refrigeration Freon : R-134A Non-CFC Air-cooled 
Electrical (Max Consumption) 

110V / 60Hz (12A)

220V / 60Hz (6A)

200-240 / 50Hz (6A)

Net weight (Kg) +/-5%


Operating Environment 20- 35°