Product Features 

  • The large LCD touchscreen (16 bit) provides all relevant treatment data ( prescription, flows, pressures); adjustable display allows for a better viewing angle ( 180 degrees) and lies flat during transportation ( 90 degrees)
  • Auto-Effluent (AE) Darin Accessory alternately fills the auto-effluent bags and empties them into the drain, eliminating the need for manual draining or effluent bag changes during therapy.
  • Patient Fluid Removal Catch-up: proprietary software can adjust effluent pump flow rate gradually as needed, to achieve the prescribed patient fluid removal (PFR) to compensate for treatment interruptions (up to 10 minutes per instance) 
  • Blood Pump Ramp: when enabled, this function slowly increases blood flow rate during the first nine seconds of treatment to achieve the desired settings
  • Hand-held barcode reader allows to scan patient IDs, as well as the blood and Auto-Effluent Drain Accessory, to ensure they match the selected set and therapy
  • Battery full charged can support full system operation for at least 30 minutes.