The innovative designs for both the excitation and collection optics reduce excitation losses, yielding more information from each sample. The optics of the BD FACSCanto II system consist of an excitation source with up to three lasers, a blue (488-nm, air-cooled, 20-mW solid state), a red (633-nm, 17-mW HeNe) and a violet (405-nm, 30-mW solid state).* Laser excitation optics illuminate cells in the sample and collection optics direct light scatter and fluorescence signals through spectral filters to the detectors.

The BD FACSCanto II fluidics system is designed to streamline work, save time, and improve performance. 

Designed to address the needs of today’s busy clinical lab, the BD FACSCanto II has a proven track record of reducing hands-on time and improving reliability of results. A high degree of automation and quality control helps save time, reduce cost, and improve reproducibility of results.

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