Measuring principle

Nephelometry; measurement of the scattered light intensity in a fixed angle of 13–24°


More than 60 programmed assay protocols

Sample throughput

Effective: Approximately 65 tests/hour depending on the assay mix

Nominal: 100 tests/hour

Analysis method

Fixed-time kinetics, end-point measurement, VLin Integral


Multi-point calibration

Reagent Rotor

Segments for 3 control serum vials

Segments for 2 reagent vials

Sample Rotor

Segments for 15 sample tubes

Segments for 7 standard vials

Dilution unit

1 frame for max. 96 dilution cups

Bar code reader

Automatic reading of different bar code types: 2/5 interleaved, Codabar, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128

Reagent volume

40 μL reagent consumption on average

Sample dilution

1:1 to 1:32,000

Level detection

For samples, standards, controls, reagents, and container for system liquid and waste

Reaction cuvettes

90 disposable cuvettes

Measuring temperature

37 ± 1.5°C

Light source

Infrared high performance LED


840 ± 10 nm


Photodiode with integrated pre-amplifier