• Automated, in-line leukoreduction of RBCs during collection for efcient operations with the LRS technology
  • There is a safety box that limits the amount of platelet after donation, hematocrit after donation, collection time and total donation blood volume can be installed.
  • Highly accurate platelet post-count algorithm
  • Lower donor residual losses through saline- and plasma-assisted rinseback
  • Collect any combination of components, including plasma-reduced platelet concentrates (PPC) with the automatic addition of PAS
  • Increase availability of concurrent plasma through PPC collections
  • Ability to collect more platelets with 10 platelet configuration options and 20 automated procedure priorities
  • Achieve highly accurate loss tracking with on-screen reporting of residual plasma and RBC loss
  • Lower plasma volume in the platelet product - Streamline the collection of PPCs and eliminate the need to add PAS manually