Product Specifications


Chemistry analyzer with electrolyte (IMT) and photometric testing capabilities


Test Throughput

Up to 1800 tests/hour: 1200 tests/hour photometric, 600 tests/hour IMT


Walkaway Time

Up to 5 hours

Sample Handling


Validated Sample Types

Serum, plasma, CSF, urine, whole blood (assay-specific)



Sample Integrity Control

Liquid-level sensing, clot detection, bubble detection, short-sample detection; hemolysis, icterus, and lipemia checks




Automatic repeat testing from the retained prediluted sample or original sample



Sample Dilution

For photometric tests, samples diluted 1:5 (50 μL sample + 200 μL CH diluent generates up to 15 test results), retained for auto-repeat; automatic dilution from retained prediluted sample when volume is adequate




Testing Will perform additional tests based on results of first test or test combination



Sample Carryover Prevention

Extensive washing protocols available


Predilution Tray

115 dilution cuvettes: five segments of 23 cuvettes


Sample Volume per Test

Photometric: 0.4 μL to 5.0 μL (varies by assay)

IMT: 25 μL produces results for sodium (Na+), potassium (K+), and chloride (CL-)


Reaction Area


Reaction Cuvettes

221 reusable plastic cuvettes: 13 segments with 17 cuvettes each for reaction



Reaction Temperature

37°C ±0.5°C


Reaction Detection

Photometer: 11 fixed wavelengths (340, 410, 451, 478, 505, 545, 571, 596, 658, 694, 805 nm)


Light Source

12 V, 50 W halogen lamp supplemented by LED at 340 nm



Assay Result Calculations

Endpoint (EPA), rate reaction (RRA), 2-point rate (2PA), sample blank correction



Assay Times

3–10 minutes


Assay Technology

Potentiometric, photometric, turbidimetric


Reagent Handling


Reagent Compartments

Two trays (70 positions each), refrigerated


Assays Onboard

67 reagent positions for photometric and 3 IMT (Na, K, Cl) for a total of 70 assays onboard



Test Capacity Onboard

Up to 100,000 tests can be generated with the use of concentrated reagents



Reagent Packs

50 mL dual-well reagent containers (2 x 25 mL each); 95–2100 tests per pack



Reagent Integrity Control

Reagent pack bar-code identification; automatic tracking and notification of inventory, calibration and control validity, onboard stability, low and expired reagents, detection of reagent bubbles



Onboard Stability

Up to 60 days, assay-dependent



Reagent Inventory Management

Automatic tracking and notification of remaining tests, onboard stability and expiration, calibration, and storage conditions for each pack and well



Dispensing System

Two probes with liquid-level sensing






Average Reagent Volume

10–100 μL per test, assay-dependent



Open Channels

Available; configurable to assay specifications

Integrated Multisensor Technology (IMT) for Na+, K+, Cl

Assay Time

18 seconds



Sample Volume

25 μL produces three results


Sample Dilution




Automatic calibration



Automatic priming cycle


A-LYTE™ Integrated Multisensor Technology Cartridge Use Life


Up to 5000 samples or 14 days





Automatic assay-specific lot and pack calibration (when connected to Atellica™ Sample Handler)



Calibration Review

Graphical display of calibration curves from a minimum of 20 different reagent lots and 20 reagent packs for each assay




Automatic, user-defined, assay-specific quality control (when connected to Atellica Sample Handler)



Quality Control

Review Advanced QC package with graphical display of QC in real time, including patient moving averages, Levey-Jennings plots, Westgard rules, RiliBÄK rules; up to 125,000 control results can be stored; archivable to removable media


QC/Calibration Material

QC and calibration material is auto-loaded, tracked, and stored in a 60-position covered and refrigerated compartment and automatically deployed to analyzers when QC or calibration is scheduled (when connected to Atellica Sample Handler)





Automated: <40 minutes; hands-on: <5 minutes



Automated: <60 minutes; hands-on: <5 minutes.

Daily maintenance not required when weekly maintenance is performed.




Hands-on: <20 minutes



Refer to Operator’s Guide for additional periodic maintenance


Maintenance Logs

Automated onboard scheduling, notification, and reporting