System Description Random access immunoassay system
Throughput Up to 240 tests per hour
Time To First Result 18 minutes; results every 15 seconds thereafter, assay dependent
Assays On Board 30
Assay Packs ADVIA Centaur® ReadyPack™ assays
Assay Technology Direct Chemiluminescence using Acridinium Ester technology
Sample Handling
Sample Tubes 1 mL, 2 mL, 3 mL, 5 mL, 7 mL, 10 mL, micro container tubes
Sample Carriers Universal 5-position rack holds multiple tube types; 180 samples fully loaded; no-pause loading and unloading
STAT Handling Dedicated STAT port accepts samples any time
Sample Types Serum, plasma, urine - assay dependent
Sample Volume 10 uL to 200 uL assay dependent
Sample Integrity Control Pressure transducer technology with clot management, detection, and flagging
Sample Pipette Tips Ensure zero sample carryover
Automatic Dilutions Varies by assay, up to 1:1000
Bar Codes
  Code 128, Code 39, Codabar, Interleaved 2 of 5
Reagent Handling
Reagent Cooling 30-position reagent tray cooled 4°C to 8°C
Reagent Integrity Control Barcode reagent identification, automatic inventory tracking and flagging, calibration validity tracked and flagged, reagent on board stability tracked and flagged, reagent expired/ reagent low flagging
Reagent Mixing ReadyPacks automatically rocked onboard
Ancillary Reagents 25-position ancillary reagent tray cooled 4°C to 8°C
Cuvettes 1,000 ADVIA Centaur cuvette capacity
Sample Tips ADVIA Centaur type, 840 on board, automatic tracking, and flagging of inventory
Continuous Operation
  Loading/unloading of samples and consumables at anytime without he need to interrupt system operations, includes: sample racks, STATS, reagent packs, ancillary reagent packs, reaction cuvettes, sample pipette tips, calibrators, controls, wash fluids, water, and waste.
User Interface  
Monitor 19-inch diagonal high-resolution LCD touch screen with adjustable height
Operating System Results Management Dual Sun Microsystems Sparc® II processors; Microsoft® Windows® XP
Host Interface RS232C bidirectional and host query; Ethernet connection available; 25,000 result storage; archive to removable media; automatic reflex testing
Smart Algorithm Software Repeats and confirms reactive testing; results available as completed
Quality Control
  Advanced QC package includes Levy-Jennings plots and Westgard rules; 65,000 control results can be stored
Removable Media
  DVD or CD-RW
Device Management
   100 Base-T Ethernet port for remote access and Siemens Remote Service proactive service modem
General Specifications
Electrical 208-240 V at 50/60 Hz; meets regulatory requirements for UL, CAN/CSA, IEC1010. JIS, CE, CISPR11 Class A
 Power Consumption 1 KW in ready state; 1.5 KW in operating state
Water Deionized type II
Dimensions 51.5 (h) x 72.4 (w) x 41.0 (d) in-130.9 (h) x 183.9 (w) x 104.2 (d) cm
Weight  1,200 lbs (545 kg)
Floor Load-bearing Requirement 390 kg/m2 (80lb/ft2)
Operating Environment Temperature 18-30OC; humidity 20-80% noncondensing
Ventilation 10,000 BTU/hour
Noise Emission 58.8 db in ready state; 61.3 in operating state