Established in 2000, Eastern is the pioneer and the leader in supplying medical equipment in Vietnam. Our mission is to bring modern medical equipment to hospitals and clinics to improve the social health.

The success of the company attributes to the difference in business strategy. In the begining, company has already been the distributor of many big manufacturers with the latest technologies in the world.

  As a doctor, the general manager, Nguyen Xuan Thanh, always determines that the development of Eastern is the combination of business ethics and medical ethics. Up to now, we have had a team of Product managing, Technics managing and application specialists, who are trained by the manufacture, to guarantee efficient technology transfer.


" To become the top brand in hospital equipment supply" 

Eastern has maintained our position as a strategic partner of major  manufacturers of medical and hospital equipment in the world. Eastern provide products that are not only high quality, but also suitable for Vietnamese health care industry. Our goal from now to 2023 is to be in top 3 companies in sales amongst medical equipment companies in Vietnam. 


Provide world-class medical equipment in order to improve Vietnamese healthcare.

Eastern do not simply only provide medical equipment but Eastern also willingly contribute to the development of the Vietnamese healthcare industry, and build a modern and world class health care service that satisfies and meets all needs of patients. 

To achieve what Eastern aim to, medical equipment supply has to be the core value of our company. Eastern say "No" to barter ethical values for increased sales. 


Based off five principles: Passionate - Trustly - Ethical - Sincerely - Transparency. 

Employees at Eastern see the five principles as the guideline in all actions. They take all these principles seriously 

Business Ethic

Eastern Company always commits its business activities in compliance with the law to fulfill its responsibilities to the government, society and environment. Each employee in particular and the Eastern Company, in general, are ensured to operate according to the principles from the COC Code of Conduct and the BOC Business Code set by the Company.