•          HbA1c: 3 min/Test
  •          HbA2/F/A1c: 6.5 min/Test

Fully automated to streamline your operational efficiency

  •          Primary tube sampling eliminates off-line sample preparation
  •          No sample mixing or sample cap removal
  •          Barcode reading for positive sample identification

Flexible by providing 2 tests on a single platform

  •          Diabetes and b-thalassemia testing on a single kit without changing cartridge or reagents
  •          Complete ß -thalassemia program including A1c results

Powerful instrument that provides variant detection

  •          Simultaneous quantitative HbA2, HbF and HbA1c results
  •          Detects common Hb variants by using ion-exchange HPLC
  •          Accurate A2 and F determinations even in the presence of HbS
  •      Provides numerical results and chromatograms so that you can understand full patient profiles