The Mirasol Pathogen Reduction Technology (PRT) system uniquely uses the properties of riboflavin (vitamin B2) and ultraviolet light to reduce the infectious pathogen load and inactivate residual white blood cells in blood products.

The Mirasol system is designed to be effecti ve against a broad range of pathogens while still maint ainin g the quality of apheresis and whole blood-derived blood products. Performance demonstrated against:

  • Viruses: Enveloped and non-enveloped
  • Bacteria: Gram negative and gram positive
  • Parasites
  • White blood cells (WBCs): Inactivation of WBCs in donated blood products may reduce immunological complications of transfusion

Mirasol-treated components have been shown to be safe for transfusion recipients as well as for those who handle blood products.

  • Riboflavin is non-toxic and non-mutagenic; no additional precautionary measures necessary for staff
  • Riboflavin and its photoproducts are already present in human blood and do not need to be removed from blood products prior to transfusion
  • The safety of the Mirasol process has been demonstrated through extensive toxicology testing
  • No adverse events were attributed to the use of Mirasol-treated platelet products or to the use of the Mirasol PRT system in a well-controlled patient trial

Easy to learn. Easy to operate. Flexible. Limited handling and minimal product loss with the Mirasol process help keep your operations efficient. In addition, our fully integrated data capture and storage software system, the Mirasol Manager, ensures accurate reporting and simplified data management.