• 1000Hz sampling of the blood pressure waveform
  • Beat-to-beat analytical process of the entire blood pressure waveform (both systolic and diastolic phase)
  • The use of an unique and patented method (P.R.A.M.) for the evaluation of Cardiac Output and cardiovascular efficiency
  • An exclusive (patented) dynamic filter to reduce the resonance artifacts and to optimize the quality of the arterial blood pressure signal
  • No need of any kind of initial calibration (eg. cold bolus injection for the thermodilution) or additional maneuver to calibrate the algorithm
  • No dedicated disposable: compatible with any arterial catheter and blood pressure transducer in the market
  • Value of the dicrotic pressure exclusively measured and visualised in the display beat by beat
  • Displaying of systemic variables (systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, mean pressure and heart rate), standard haemodynamic variables (cardiac output, stroke volume, systemic vascular resistance, dynamic fluid responsiveness variables, oxygen delivery, dP/dtmax as an index of contractility) and exclusively determined haemodynamic variables (dicrotic pressure, CCE as an index of efficiency and cardiovascular coupling)
  • Validation in the widest range of clinical conditions, including paediatric, septic, trauma, IABP and cardiology patients.