The BD FACSLyric enables you to maximize clinical performance and ensure accurate, reliable results across multiple institutions with an integrated solution that combines instrument, software, reagents and services.

This high-performance, highly sensitive flow cytometer excels at assays with dim or rare cell populations, and is available in multiple configurations for flexibility that can adapt to your changing clinical needs.

  • 4-, 6-, 8-, 10- and 12-color configurations. Onsite upgradeable to adapt to your lab's changing needs
  • Up to 3 lasers—blue, red and violet—12 fluorescence channels and 14 parameters
  • 35,000 events per second maximum acquisition rate; no limit on number of events acquired
  • Automated single-tube QC with BD™ CS&T beads
  • Fluorescence compensation required only every 60 days
  • 30- or 40-tube autoloader-flexibility with BD FACS™ Universal Loader