·         Abdominal

·         Paediatrics/Neonatal transfontanelle

·         Small parts (breast, thyroid, testes, etc)

·         Musculoskeletal Obstetrics/Gynecology

·         Gastroenterology

·         Urology

·         Rectal

·         Adult and paediatric cardiology including transoesophageal

·         Vascular

·         Transcranial

·         Interventional Ultrasound


Aretta S60 offers imaging solutions from diagnosis through treatment, in a wide variety of clinical fields.

·         HdTHI

·         Contrast Harmonic Imaging (CHI)

·         HI REZ: It reduces speckle noise, an artifact inherent in ultrasound images, to display the tissue structures more clearly without reducing the frame rate

·         Real-time Tissue Elastography (RTE)

·         Assist Strain Ratio

Features support for Early Detection and Diagnosis-from the Heart to Systemic Blood Vessels

·         Dual gate

·         Two-dimensional Tissue Tracking (2DTT)

·         Dynamic Slow-motion Display (D.S.D)

·         Automated Cardiac Measurement

·         Evaluation of Early Atherosclerosis (eTracking)

·         Automatic Measurement of intima-media Thickness (IMT)

·         Trapezoidal Scan


Support solutions for Erly Diagnosis and Treatment in High Risk Pregnancies

·         Auto FHR

·         Dual Gate Doppler

·         AutoCliper automatically defines the optimal cut plane to remove th placenta or other unwanted tissue signals in front of the fetal face, resulting in a clear suface-rendered fetal image

·         4Dshading is a redering technology that simulates defferent positions of a virtual light source giving a more realistic fetal skin texture to the 3D reconstructed image.

·         Auto NT

·         ..v.