·         Abdominal

·         Paediatrics/Neonatal transfontanelle

·         Small parts (breast, thyroid, testes, etc)

·         Musculoskeletal Obstetrics/Gynecology

·         Gastroenterology

·         Urology

·         Rectal

·         Adult and paediatric cardiology including transoesophageal

·         Vascular

·         Transcranial

·         Interventional Ultrasound


High resolution B-mode/Doppler-mode from wave generation to image display. Symphonic Technologies are harmonized resulting in images with less noise, high peretration, and less patient dependent variability.

·         HdTHI

·         HI REZ

·         eFLOW

·         .v..v..

Advanced Measurement Features:

In the radiology field, high level of accuracy and reliability are necessary to ensure early dectection, precise diagnosis, and appropriate treatment. The ARIETTA S70 is equipped with advanced technologies that facilitate fast and accurate examinations.

Inflow-time Mapping (ITM)

ITM is a colored paramatric display of time to peak enhancement for each pixel in the display, to better differentiate tissue by the speed of contrast agent uptake.

Time Intensity TIC

TIC can be used to quantify and display change in contrast agent enhancement with time after injection in selected regionss of interest. 

Real-time Elastography (RTE)

Shear Wave Measurement (SWM)

SWM incorporates a relibility indicator. VsN, form which the precision and reproducibility of the median shear wave speed measurement can be assessed. Combination use of SWM và RTE is now achievable with one transducer, to gain a better understanding of the clinical condition of the liver.

Real-time Virtual Sonography (RVS)

MPR images constructed from. CT/MR/US volume date can be synchronzied to real-time ultrasound imaging

It allow a direct comparison of the lesion dêpcted by each imaging modality, taking advantage of the different imaging methods

3D Sim-Navigator

In addtion to Real-time Virtual Sonography. The 3D Sim-Navigator simulates needle placement in fusion imaging mode. The positional relationship of multiple needles used for ablation treatment can be assessed using the 3D body mark created from virtual CT or MR volume date.

Evaluation of Early Atherosclerosis (eTracking)

Raw data is used to track th RF signal from the arterial wall to analyzer changes in vessel diameter in real time

Automatic Measurement of Intima-media Thickness (IMT)

Linear CW Mode for Evalution of Blood Flow

With CW Doppler mode an accurate evaluation of high grade stenosis is attainabale with the linear transducers.

Interaction between Blood Vessels and Cardiac function-Wave Intensity WI

WI evaluates the way in which the heart interacts with the arterial system, WI is a calculation based on changes in blood pressure and flow velocity abtained at an arbitrary point in the circulatory system.