Display: 15-inch LCD screen can rotate 90 degrees in two directions: left and right


  • Cart with wheels: 5 moving wheels enable easy mobility in hospitals and narrow spaces. The system's light weight with these wheels reinforces reduction of friction force.
  • Built-in battery: Built-in battery offers superb portability without system shutdown between examinations.
  • Probe add-on unit: Up to three active probes can be connected by installing Noblus onto its speciallydesigned cart. With this cart, the probes of the traditional HI VISION series may be used with the Noblus.
  • Wireless DICOM communication: Noblus can be connected to wireless networks. DICOM data can be transmitted through Wireless LAN

Probe Connector Port: one probe connector port and can upgrade to 3 probes

Image Processing Technology: Exclusive Ultra BE technology helps to provide sharp ultrasound images, clear images for every detail

HdTHI Function: Balancing high penetration levels and resolution levels, and reduce image noises

HI REZ Function: Makes the image smoother by enhancing the continuity of the tissue structure

HI COM function: sharpen outlines, helping to easily distinguish the parts in the body

Fine Flow: Allowing the display of blood vessels more accurately than conventional color modes, even small blood vessels in the kidney

Ability to upgrade

DICOM connection, GEL heater, Digital VIDEO archive ...


+ 2D, 3D, 4D ultrasonography

+Gynecological ultrasonography

+ General abdominal ultrasonography: liver, bile, kidney ...

+ Color Doppler ultrasonography

+ Vaginal ultrasonography

+ Ultrasonography through the rectum, colon

+ Ultrasonography of adults’ and children's heart