·         Abdominal

·         Paediatrics/Neonatal transfontanelle

·         Small parts (breast, thyroid, testes, etc)

·         Gastroenterology

·         Urology

·         Rectal

·         Cardiovascular

·         ..v.v…

Even with its compact housing, ARIETTA Prologue uses the same image processing technologies normally reserved for high-end systems.


Compoud Imaging: transmission of beams in multiple directions to reduce artifacts the result from a single beam path. Tissue boundaries can be visualized clearly.


Adaptive Image Processing (AIP): Reduces speckle noise emphasizes borders. The tissue structure is imaged with clarity making images easier to interpret.


Silky Image Processing (SIP): An adaptive tissue filter that boosts edge enhancement and contrast resolution providing clean tissue dorders and detailed parenchyma.


Advanded Features:

The ARIETTA Prologue is equipped with functions that impove efficicency and support rapid, accurate diagnossis.


eFLOW: Provides clearer delineation between tissue and blood flow compared to conventional Color Doppler. Even low velocity flow can be imaged with high sensitivity.



Needle Emphasis (NE): Technology to enhance the visualization of the needle increasing safety and accuracy for biopsy and other interventional procedures.

Auto IMT: Automatic trace of the vessel intima with a display of its mean thickness. It provides an assessment of risk of cardiovascular disease