The QIAsymphony SP enables your success in:

  • Molecular diagnostics research and biomedical research
  • Human identity testing, veterinary applications, and biosecurity research
  • Life science applications, such as genomics and proteomics research


  • 1 - 96 samples processed in each run
    Sample volumes up to 2 ml, 50 mg lysed tissue or 10^7 cells
  • Supports a variety of sample tubes, microplates and blocks
  • Continuous loading in batches of up to 24 samples. Ability to run different protocols for each batch
    Elution in either tubes or 96-well plates
  • Touchscreen: For intuitive operation of the complete system
  • Robotic arm: 4-channel with tip guards
  • UV lamp: Decontaminates the worktable and minimizes sample cross-contamination
  • The QIAsymphony system provides chronological electronic documentation of results, including information about sample IDs, their positions on the worktable, and the lot number and expiration date of sample preparation and PCR reagents


* High quality nucleic acids, ready for analysis

Nucleic acids purified with QIAsymphony SP are free from inhibitors and ready for use in downstream analyses such as PCR, qPCR and RT-PCR