Using a patented optical detection system, the AIM system continuouslymanages the separated layers, allowing the platelet and white blood cell layer to accumulate. AIM then directs the system to efficiently remove the targeted components.

  • Automates interface adjustments without sacrificing your control. 
  • Monitors and interprets the interface continuously so you don’t have to rely solely on your vision
  • Helps you efficiently remove targeted components
  • Achieves highly predictable results through interface stability


Dimensions Weight: 91.6 kg (220 lbs)

Height (lowered IV pole): 115.6 cm (45.5 in)

Height (extended IV pole): 174 cm (68.5 in)

Width: 52.7 cm (20.75 in)

Depth: 81.3 cm (32.0 in)

Floor space required: 0.43 m2 (4.6 ft2)