Height 625mm
Depth 670mm
Length 870mm
Weight 120kg
Throughput 270 tests per hour, 450 tests per hour with ISE
Analyser Type Compact fully automated random access benchtop clinical analyser
Assay Tests Monochromatic, bi-chromatic, endpoint, kinetic, sample andreagent blanking and ISE
Maintenance Daily maintenance-less than 5 minutes. No rear access required. Simple twice yearly preventative maintenance service.
Data Management Storage of up to 30,000 patient reports, search facility
Test Channels 50 photometric channels, 3 direct ISE
Sleep mode User defined sleep mode capabilities with automatic wash and instrument prep
Maintenance Minimal daily maintenance. No rear access required. Simple twice yearly preventative maintenance
Reagent Pipette Dedicated reagent micropipette with liquid level sensor and crash detection
Reagent Volume

R1: 20 to 250μl (1μl increments)

R2: 20 to 180μl (1μl increments)

Reagent Capacity Removable turntable with 50 cooled positions for 20ml and 70ml bottles
Reagent Cooling 8 to 15°C
Reagent Identification Barcode reagent identification
Reagent Inventory Calculation of remaining reagent volume and tests available. Alert for shortage, expired
Sample Addition Sampling interruption for addition of samples
Sample Capacity Removable turntable with 40 positions for samples, calibrators and controls
Sample Dead Volume 100μl in standard or primary tubes. 50μl in paediatric cups
Sample Dilution Pre-dilution and automatic re-assay with diluted, reduced or increased sample volume
Sample Identification Barcode sample identification
Sample Pipette Dedicated sample micropipette with liquid level sensor, crash protection and clot detection
Sample Tube size Multiple primary tube sizes (diameter 12 to 16mm, height 55 to 100mm) Paediatric cups
Sample Type Serum, plasma, urine & supernatents
Sample volume 1.5 to 35μl (0.1μl increments)
STAT Sampling STAT samples can be added immediately via emergency loading port
Reaction Time 10 minutes (R1: 5 min. + R2: 5 min.)
Reaction Volume 100 to 350μl
Stirring Speed 5 speed levels available
Stirring System Dual 5 speed stick type rotating stirrers
 Temperature Control  Dry bath
 Water Consumption  Maximum 5 litres per hour
 Water Requirements  NCCLS type 1 or 2 purified water supply
 Wash Unit  12 stage washing process
Cuvettes  72 semi-permanent cuvettes
 Incubator Temperature  37°C ± 0.1°C
 Cycle Time  13 seconds
 Detector Method  Direct absorbance in cuvette (bi-chromatic and monochromatic)
 Detection Principal  12 wavelengths generated via diffraction grating: 340, 380, 415, 450, 510, 546, 570, 600, 660, 700, 750 and 800nm
 ISE Unit  Optional ISE unit available
 Light Source  Halogen tungsten lamp air cooled by fan
 Quality Control

 Interactive Levey Jennings charts, daily, monthly and batch QC with data archiving.

Automatic QC and automatic calibration

 Calibration Principal  Factor, Linear, Point to point, Log-logit, Exponential, Spline and Spline 2
 Power Requirement

 AC100V to 120V, 6.5A (Max.)

AC200 to 230V, 3.3A (Max.)


 Power Consumption  650VA
 Permissable Voltage Variation  ± 10% (Max.)
 LIMS Connectivity  Bi-directional ASTM Standard (RS232 connection)
 Operator Interface  Windows® based software
 RX daytona plus analyser without ISE  RX4041
RX daytona plus analyser with ISE RX4040