Water for Dialysis

The quality of the water used in the preparation of dialysis fluid is very important. Even water considered as acceptable according to existing tap water regulations may have chronic as well as acute effects on the dialysis patient. The Gambro single patient reverse osmosis monitor WRO 300 H is specially designed to provide the high-quality water needed for dialysis.

Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis is today the preferred method for the purification of water for dialysis. This method removes more than 96% of dissolved salts and more than 99% of all particles, bacteria and pyrogens in the water. Most tap waters can therefore be purified to a standard, which complies with existing recommendations for water for dialysis. WRO 300 H is a reverse osmosis unit designed specifically for dialysis. It combines simplicity, reliability and ease of use and is based on the longtime experience of water treatment equipment within Gambro.

Integrated heat or chemical disinfection

When WRO 300 H is fitted to a Gambro dialysis machine, one of the disinfection programs will allow an integrated heat, alternatively chemical disinfection of the reverse osmosis unit, the connection line to the dialysis machine and the dialysis machine itself. This “end-to-end” action will ensure that the hygienic chain remains unbroken.

Technical data

Product water
Output Minimum 1.2l/min at +10oC and 0.2 MPa [Pa] outlet pressure 

Depends on inlet water quality. If potable water is used and WRO 300H is maintained according to the manual. the following minimum rejection rates will be obtained:

Total dissolved salts: >96%

Bacteria and pyrogens: >90%

Feed water supply
Input: 3.0l/min required
Pressure: 0.1-0.8 MPa (1-8 bar)
Temperature: 5 to 30oC
Quality: Potable water shall be used. Softener followed by carbon/particle filter ensures optimum performance. 
  To insure maximum membrane life expectancy, the following limits should not be exceeded:
Hardness: <0.3 odH (6ppm ass CaCO3)
Iron <0.1mg/l
Manganese: <0.1mg/l
Turbidity: <1JTU
Total dissolved salts: (TDS) <1500mg/l
Fouling index (S.D.I) <5
Chlorine (total) <0.1mg/l
Drain requirements
Operation 1.2±0.1l/min                                                                                 
Peak flow [rinse] 3.0l/min
Supply and drain lines Designed for flexible, reinforced tubing. 8mm x 3mm                                           
Product water loop Designed for flexible, reinforced tubing. 8mm x 3mm
User interface displays:
Product water conductivity Temperature compensated product water conductivity, operating range 10–500 µS/cm                   
Feed water conductivity Temperature compensated feed water conductivity, operating range 10–2000 µS/cm
Rejection rate Rejection rate, operating range 10-2000 µS/cm
Temperature measurement
Operating range: 1-100oC                                                                                
Reverse osmosis membrane
Material Polyamide, thin film composite                                  
Configuration: Spiral wound
pH tolerance 2-11
Disinfection & Cleaning
Heat disinfection  User initiated or automatic start of heat disinfection         
Chemical disinfection

Automatic dilution of disinfectant.                                                                

Rinse memory forcing the rinse program to start after chemical disinfection.

Cleaning Customized programs for different needs.
Power Supply
Mains voltage:                        100, 115 or 220-240 V+/- 10%, 50 or 60Hz     




max 1850 W

max 1500 W                                                                            

max 1380 W

Temperature 10-40oC                                                         
Depth:       Max: 520 mm                                
  Footprint:  380 mm
Width: Max: 205 mm
  Footprint: 185 mm
Height: 563mm  
Weight: 33kg